Jason & Karlin

We are a brother and sister team sharing our passions for food, cooking, photography and story telling. Although we live in the same time zone, we are lives apart; with Jason living his dream as a Michelin Star Chef and Karlin finding pleasure in the everyday lives of her family. Weʼre here to share our ideas of bringing good food to your own home and sharing Jasonʼs stories of being a celebrated chef around the globe. We discovered our mutual desire for great food on our proverbial journey through Europe together many years ago, with our backpacks on and a limited budget. Avoiding McDonaldʼs at all cost, we discovered cheap ways to eat authentic Italian food, how to bargain for beer in Prague, and the joy of sampling fruit and cheese in small French villages.

Jason McLeod

Internationally celebrated chef, Jason McLeod, is the President and Creative Director of Box Tree Restaurant Inc.  Chef McLeod’s 25 year career stretches back to humble beginnings as a dishwasher in a small ski resort in his native Canada before moving on to a three year apprenticeship program.  Fast forward to five years in England where he worked under world renowned chefs Raymond Blanc and Marco Pierre White; Jason credits his cooking style and work ethic to these two chefs and mentors.  Jason’s passion for cooking and hospitality led him to positions with the Fairmont Hotels before spending nearly a decade with the Four Seasons Resorts.  As the youngest Executive Chef to open a property for the Four Seasons, Jason was an integral part of the opening teams at properties around the globe including Whistler, Costa Rica, Miami and Great Exuma.  Subsequently, Jason became Opening Executive Chef and the Director of Food and Beverage for The Grand Del Mar Resort in California; a luxurious property where he oversaw four kitchens and developed of team of 120 employees.  Before starting his own company, Box Tree Restaurant Inc., Jason was once again the Opening Executive Chef for the Elysian Hotel.  It was at this Chicago property that Jason was awarded two Michelin Stars during Ria’s first year of operation.

Not only is Chef McLeod a two star Michelin Chef, but he is the recipient of many awards and nominations.  He is actively involved in the Common Threads charity and has served as judge for international cooking competitions.  He has appeared in numerous publications and television programs.  Jason has always believed in creating memorable meals using local products.  He continues to invest his time and energy in meeting with and supporting local farmers.  Jason currently lives in San Diego, with his wife, where they both enjoy the sunnier climes and shopping at the local farmer’s markets.

Karlin Russell

I have spent the past 12 years raising my two kids and traipsing around the globe with my husband and his career. We have lived in 5 cities and 3 countries; now calling the West Coast of Canada home for good. My background of Art History and Languages makes for interesting dinner conversation. I spent the better part of this past year as a surrogate for one of my childhood friends; delivering a baby boy earlier this Spring.

For several years I worked in academia and as a volunteer with various youth organizations. Running is my drug and skiing is what I do to try and stay relevant with my children. We escape the city at our 1930’s log cabin, on a quiet lake in the Chilcotin Mountains. I have been cooking for myself since I was a teenager and I love to eat out.


11 thoughts on “Jason & Karlin

  1. Jim Carpenter says:

    Hi Karlin, meeting with your husband next week in Boston. Enjoyed looking at your website and glad you enjoyed my wife’s.

  2. nin says:

    great blog jay! Didn’t know you were such a techie, perhaps you can help me with this coconut I use for a cell phone some time. Lol Love the recipe’s, yum!

    • Ninja
      great to see you reading the blog, when are we going to catch up my friend. I think I have something you might be very interested in. I am working on something big. I will call you in a couple of days

  3. Chef Jason is one of the best Executive Chefs. His cooking style is a delight and Jason likes to use local ingredients to bring the flavor to the palette. His strong classical background will leave you breathtaking after you get a bite of his dish. Furthermore, Jason is very modest and his a passion for cooking is outstanding. Knowing he was at the White House today made me so proud of him.

  4. Hello, I came across your blog as I’m really new to blogging. I did it as I wanted to get back into the habit of writing (which I loved doing as a child). I’m also asked a lot about my Chinese recipes by my English friends but unlike Jason, I’m no professional chef, just a simple home cook. I live in the UK now with my husband and am trying to recreate all my favourite dishes from Asia and from Europe. If you have the time and might be interested, I’d love it if you could take a look at my blog and let me know what you think.

  5. Rita Orland says:

    Your blog is quite a cookbook!

    • Rita

      Thank you for checking the blog out. We have been having fun wit it so far. Look forward to catching up soon. We are going to the house on Thursday to check out the logistics. See you soon….Jason

  6. Rudy Mack says:

    Hi you foodies…how exciting is this to see creativity bloom and talents as well as hard work rewarded. Jason you are a great friend and a very talented Chef. Your future has begun when I met you and now your future is to unfold annew with all you are doing. I am always at your service, just call
    Rudy Mack

  7. Rudy Mack says:

    remember I am a retireeeee meaning I am still tired at 8.15am!! Looking forward to your call.

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