Kristen’s Superstar Sandwich

Our washing machine broke down and a water pipe burst in the pump room at our cabin. The water was spraying overhead in a circular motion, covering the shelves and floor with puddles of water; at the moment it felt like a bad comedy movie. The threat of meeting a bear along the footpath is ever present (until they finish eating the Saskatoon berries and head up the mountains). However, a couple of hiccups like these are easily diminished when we wake up and go to sleep to the sight of the glassy lake, jumping fish and the big, bold BC mountains. My wonderful Czech neighbors have promised to take me foraging for mushrooms soon – apparently it’s best to go when the moon is rising. We did hunt for morels, but the crop was slim this year near our place and we came up empty handed. A friend just north of our place managed to pick 12lbs and I’m going to trade him an old fireplace for some of his morels.

This weekend, my daughter requested her favorite sandwich for dinner; I was hoping her visiting B.F.F. would find it as appetizing as I wasn’t in the mood for making multiple dinners. It’s a sandwich of many parts, but all can be prepared in advance and assembled just before serving. Without an easy title, this sandwich has grilled chicken, fig compote, mixed greens, brie and sautéed apple slices; find it in the RECIPES section of A Michelin and A Mom. It was a success and the addition of the homemade bread was great. I had to guess a little on the bread as I still haven’t found my cookbooks nor my measuring spoons in my moving boxes.

We have another crew of visitors arriving in two days – flank steak tacos, homemade pasta with pesto, risotto and a chocolate birthday cake are on the menu. Crossing my fingers and digging up earthworms with hopes of catching a trout! Any plans for summer? What’s on your summer menu? Drop us a line at or post a comment below.

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