Eating & Moving

Thanks to Jay for keeping A Michelin and A Mom going the last two weeks. The lamb and summer squash looks divine. We sold our house at the end of May, leaving us only six weeks to pack up, clean and move up to our cabin for the summer. For the next two months, I’ll be working out of a small, primitive kitchen with a stove that runs on propane. Our lakeside cabin is surrounded by impressive snow capped mountains – it’s a truly Canadian experience. The lake is stocked with trout (I’m hoping to find the magic lure to land us a keeper this weekend). There are bears, coyotes, loons, an heron, eagles and yes – beavers. Between sorting the boxes and packing up the kids and dogs, I’ve had little if no time to cook or even photograph the meals kind friends and family have been feeding us. One of our last meals in civilization, courtesy of my sister-in-law, included thick cut steaks, twice baked potatoes and this gorgeous salad served with fresh peaches.

Up at the cabin, we’ve fired up the grill a few times already, cooking spring salmon with lemon and fresh herbs. Our first night here we ate bison burgers. I like to make my own burgers, but also to keep it simple. To the ground meat I usually add an egg, a handful of breadcrumbs, a little Montreal Steak Spice and about a ¼ of a red onion finely chopped. Remember to make your patties larger than the bun size to accommodate shrinkage during the cooking process. We switched to bison/buffalo for our burgers a couple of years ago after a visit to a working buffalo ranch run by a Swiss couple.

With seven kids to feed this week, my truly awesome neighbor whipped up fresh pizza dough for “individual pizzas”….a huge hit. Despite being in the woods, we still had prosciutto and olives for the grown ups. I love the fact that I’ve landed neighbours who enjoy cooking and eating great food (and drinking wine on our decks). After another long day of hiking and swimming, my kids and my niece devoured their bowls of mixed bean and beer chili with homemade bread tonight.

This view makes everything look and taste better!

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2 thoughts on “Eating & Moving

  1. 40smom says:

    I love this post Karlin, really special and beautiful. Poignant story in a filmic setting. Look forward to reading and seeing what you will whip up in that woodsy cozy kitchen. I have a few tattered cookbooks from the 1970s published locally on Vancouver Island. I’ve poured over the recipes longingly when I miss the west coast. You posts will transport me to those fireside glimpses and sunset sparkles of light. Good food made with love for a special family high up in the mountains, down a long unmarked driveway past the A-frame cabin and there you are, a red handsome cabin on a perfect perch overlooking a pristine lake with a crystal clear vista. Air so brisk air it’s startling to the senses, well, in minus zero that is.
    Have fun this summer. Enjoy it all. We will from afar. I’ve been meaning to comment that Jason is BRILLIANT, he sure can take sumptuous photos that makes my mouth water. Wonderful stories to match the energy of the food. Congratulations to you both on a charming collaboration. Look forward to the changing seasons and food combinations. Lots of Love, Leeta Harding, Murfreesboro, NC

  2. Thank you for this wonderful comment Leeta! We have special memories of you here that first winter. Yes, Jason’s photos are fantastic. If you come across any special recipes from your old cookbooks that you want to share….let us know! Lots of love back to you and Tate!

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