Canada Day and 4th of July

I always look back on my life and smile as I have had such a great journey that some how just keeps getting better. Growing up in Canada in a small town I never really dreamed of traveling the world, it just seemed to happen, and boy what a journey it has been. The first few days of July are always exciting for me because I live in the US and I am Canadian, so that translates to celebrating both National holidays, and why not? I have found no real reason not to 🙂
This year was no different, well OK a little, I actually had a BBQ in my own back yard for the first time since I can remember and what a treat it was. To top the night off we were able to watch the fireworks from our front steps, pretty cool.
I decided to create a some what traditional summer BBQ meal; burgers, potato salad & corn on the cob. The corn was simple, cooked and rolled in lots of butter topped with a pinch of sea salt. For the potato salad I went with a German style salad made with a vinaigrette, and for the all mighty burger I went with a recipe similar to what I first tried in 1989 while I was in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Yes a burger with fried egg & beet root. (I left out the pineapple sorry my Aussie friends) I will never forget that day, 19 years old traveling Australia by myself and craving a burger. I found myself a small shop, ordered a burger with the works and when it arrived, man was I surprised. I was used to a burger with cheese at this point in my life. I realized at that moment that the world was a big place and something as simple as a burger could have so many different interpretations.
Hope you enjoy.

Amy’s Suggestions
Alsatian Riesling and Zinfandel. The zin would bring out the charred flavors of the burger. Riesling simply goes with everything and the acidity helps cleanse the palate in between bites. If you want to find out more why it is a great summer wine (and more), read my article in RMGT Magazine in this month’s edition.

I love Moscow Mules and think they would go splendidly as well. Burgers and beer are a match made in heaven, so you can’t go wrong with that either.

Moscow Mule
Ginger Beer
Lime Juice
Simple Syrup

Mix all together and enjoy.

Cheers, Amy

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