Father’s Day Dinner

It used to be kids found food at a restaurant to be better than what their mom was cooking; fast food got especially high marks. Dining out was meant for special occasions; like Father’s/Mother’s Day or an anniversary. Today, however, at home cooks are creating restaurant worthy meals every day for their families. We have access to great tools and supplies and you can find heaps of techniques and recipes online or in any number of cookbooks. Writing this blog with my brother is forcing me to step outside my cooking comfort level; sometimes that means just adding a small but meal changing element. Case in point is the Sauce Gribiche we made for the “Fish & Chips”. Instead of cracking a bottle of off-the-shelf tartar sauce, Jason suggested this French version. Finding just one solid recipe, one that would make a proper substitute for tartar sauce, wasn’t easy. In the end, I combined three different sauce recipes and wondered aloud why I hadn’t made this all along. Is was incredibly easy and delicious; save a little for your sandwiches the next day!

For Father’s Day, I served Battered Halibut, Baked Yam Fries and Sauce Gribiche (and ice cold Amber Ale). For my travelling husband, weary of restaurant food, eating at home is the treat. According to the kids, my version of “Fish & Chips” was better than the local take away.

A note on Sauce Gribiche: You will find the recipes vary; some are mayonnaise based, others oil creating more of a vinaigrette. Start with this recipe from A Michelin and A Mom or send us your version.

You can now find us at: http://www.michelinandmom.com

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2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Dinner

  1. What a great sounding tartar sauce! Now I want to have fish tonight.

  2. Alisa says:

    The sauce gribiche looks like what I need to liven up the veggies i picked up at the farmers market.Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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