Savory Crêpes

Jason made the crêpes sound so easy. It took me quite a few “testers” to get the crêpes round and uniform. My kids stood by the stove, eating the rejects. I poached chicken in milk and herbs for my crêpe challenge and covered them in a Gruyere cheese sauce. After the first couple of bites I proclaimed, “I’ve out done myself this time”. Apparently I say this every time. This recipe is perfect for a dressed up lunch or a light summer dinner. You can easily prepare the three elements ahead of time and assemble the crêpes just before serving. The following morning I made good on my promise to whip up another batch of the crêpes for breakfast. Glancing over to the breakfast table, it appeared the crêpes were just an excuse to eat mounds of Nutella and cinnamon laced sugar.

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2 thoughts on “Savory Crêpes

  1. Steven Davis says:

    I tried this recipe and, while I loved the flavor of the crepes, I failed miserably with presentation. I just couldn’t flip the crepe without it tearing apart. Tried higher heat / lower heat. More fat / less fat. Longer cooking / shorter cooking. More batter / less batter. Any tips, tricks or techniques you can share? I actually wondered if my batter was too thick (I used most the water, but not all).

    Big fan of the blog. Please keep it up!

    • Hey Steven, I’ll have Chef get back to you on this one! Thank you for following and for the feedback. Hopefully the sun is out where you are and you can enjoy our Lime & Mint Fizzy drink we posted today.

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