Originating in Brittany, France, “crepe” is the French word for “pancake” and there is nothing more delicious than a beautiful paper thin crepe when it’s made right. Sweet or savoury….you pick! You can stuff a crepe with anything your heart desires and you will impress your friends by telling them they are homemade. I will always remember eating my first true French Crepe. It was January, 1999 and I was visiting Lyon, France to watch the Bocuse d’Or. The competition had ended and I had some free time to explore the beautiful city of Old Lyon. I stumbled upon a guy making crepes and there must have been 25 people waiting in line. I was excited and waited for my time to order – it was a perfect night for a warm crepe. Lyon can get a little chilly this time of year and I believe there was actually snow on the ground. When I moved to the front of the line, there was to be no ordering as there was one menu item, the classic Crepe Suzette and still to this day I remember the powerful flavors of this simple dish. Why did it taste better than other crepes I had enjoyed previously (not in France)? Was it because I was in Lyon, at the time regarded as the Food Capital of the world with more Michelin Starred restaurants than any other city in the world? Not entirely sure, but I will tell you that I had found new respect for this flat little pancake. I hope you find the time to make my quick and simple Crepe Recipe. Remember, if enjoy your time in the kitchen your dish will taste better, I promise!

A Postscript…
One of my favorite crepe cooking stories happened about 17 years ago in Oxford, England when I was working for 2 Michelin Starred Chef Raymond Blanc. We had just finished an extremely busy dinner service and my good friend Sat Baines and I were the last two in the kitchen when we saw Chef Blanc walk into the kitchen (this could be good or bad). Chef Blanc grabbed Sat and explained to him that he was extremely unhappy with the crepe recipe (we had a savory crepe dish of mushrooms, ham and and a great gruyere cheese) and we were going to fix it right now. Keep in mind, we usually started work at around 8am and it was now midnight. I was working in the pantry at the time and I just started to laugh (bad idea!) and Chef called me over to help as well. Chef Blanc was attempting to cook about 15 crepes at one time and things were not going to plan. All of a sudden Chef looked Sat in the eyes (Sat is a big strong guy…Chef Blanc not so big) and out of the blue challenged him to an arm wrestle! I fell to the ground in laughter! Out to the dining room we went and Chef Blanc politely asked a table of 2 if they would mind being the referee for this very important competition. The guests obliged. Needless to say, the match lasted about 2 seconds; Sat crushed Chef, but Chef was gracious in defeat, stood up shook Sat’s hand and left the restaurant. Sat and I were in complete disbelief that this actually just happened. We were left to clean up the mess of crepe batter and dirty pans after which we went out to celebrate as we usually did. We had yet another amazing story from our time in Oxford.

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8 thoughts on “Crepes

  1. rich sims says:

    I spent the entire day preping for a bar be que tomorrow, making wet and dry rubs for beef and pork ribs. Two kinds of potato salad, then peeling 4 pounds of some really nice purple michigan asparagus. I then cut up some some oak wood ( hit by lightning) to cook everything. So a dinner of crepes is just what i’ll have tonight, along with duck confit and peach b b que sauce! Good post chef!

    • Rich
      did you get a chance to create the crepe recipe? I am excited to hear how they went? Keep us posted on when you are ready for a recipe challenge, we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

      All the Best….

      • rich sims says:

        Hi Jason, i’m going to use a basic crepe recipe, a/p flour, eggs, whole milk, and i’ll add yellow bell peppers for texture. In two weeks i will issue you a challenge, right now it’s to hectic with school and family.

  2. TvZ says:

    Hi Jason,
    I found this Blog via Sats’ Twitter feed.
    Is this story related to Le Petit Blanc / Snowies wine bar…?

    • Sat Bains says:

      Oh yes it does. Ha ha. I loved that Snowies bar, very exclusive. We could write a book on our shenanigans in Oxford.

    • Tom

      Yes this is a story from Le Petit Blanc. There are so many and so little time to tell them. Sat and I had a blast at work and outside of work (the very little time we had not working we made the best of it)


  3. I made your crepe recipe last for dinner, but I added some fresh herbs to the batter and cracked pepper. I filled the crepes with sauted portebella mushrooms and pancetta and the gruyere cheese and topped topped ith with a basil infused cream. Turned out lovely! Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Kirsty
      This is why I love what I do. This dish you created sounds amazing, congrats. Let us know if you have any favorite ingredients that you would like to challenge us with. You pick the ingredient than all three of us come up with our own dishes and then we post your recipe and a photo of your dish with a little story about how it all went.

      Let us know…Thx for checking us out….Jason and Karlin

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