Simple Salmon Dinner

Jason and I are working on bringing you a series of our favorite “simple suppers” and this salmon dish is definitely one of the top five. This easy to make, but always tasty baked salmon served with a salad is a departure from Chef Thierry’s stunning dessert recipe he shared with us this week. You might get a laugh when you witness my attempt to recreate the dessert next week. For the salmon, Jason suggested I go ahead and make my own mayonnaise and told me a funny story about being in culinary school learning to make mayonnaise. I’ll let him share that one later. He sent me the recipe via iphone; super simple but raw egg yolks?! Do you still get nervous about raw eggs? I must have washed my hands 5 times more than I needed to as I cracked and separated, wondering if I’d have the nerve tomorrow to eat the mayo on a sandwich. I kept reminding myself that I’ve eaten fairly dodgy street food from the vendors in Mexico. Charles and I lived in Puebla as students and with what little cash we had back then, street tacos (as we called them) were a treat and a big night out for us. We were never sick. Surely I could handle a few raw egg yolks.

Similar reaction to the mayonnaise that I had with the pasta making – how is this so easy and why does it taste a thousand times better than the store bought? I was a complete cheater for the salad, using a pre-mixed, pre-washed carton of salad greens. It’s my new favorite variety – the “half and half”; my not so big secret is to loosely bunch up the greens and then slice into “ribbons”. Much nicer than getting pieces of lettuce or spinach too big to eat in one bite. I did add toasted pine nuts and warm red onions. I hope you enjoy this light, easy summer salmon.

Now to get organized to fulfill the remainder of our challenges – crepes, an icy treat, something with strawberries. Savory or sweet crepes? Any ideas – send us an email to our brand new email address

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