Hurry Up Summer!

For one magical week, we escaped the west coast rain and parked ourselves on a beautiful island in the Gulf of Mexico. Not only did we run away from the rain, but we met up with our dear friends and our baby godson. This baby is especially near and dear to my heart as I was his surrogate mom, delivering him just three short months ago! You can read all about our journey through surrogacy here and here. While we were away, we also celebrated our own son’s birthday by eating giant ice cream sundaes and coconut cake. My family thought the cake was tasty, but asked me if I could bake a similar cake; in their words everything I cook and bake “tastes better”. I hopped right on it, baking a two layer Toasted Coconut Cake with Buttercream Icing. Not only did they practically lick their plates, but finished off the rest of the cake for breakfast!

What little bit of sunshine we’ve had turned my urban garden into a rhubarb and mint patch. Jason’s rhubarb challenge led to a near perfect dinner of Pork Tenderloin with Rhubarb & Mango Chutney. We shucked, cooked, peeled and cooked again a big bag of broad beans to which we added fresh peas and garden mint. My husband brought a friend home for dinner who traded his modeling services for a three-course meal (he held the plates of food while i snapped the pictures)!

Missing the hot heat of the Florida sun, but always good to be home!

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5 thoughts on “Hurry Up Summer!

  1. Kirsty Morrison says:

    Yum! Looks so delicious, and I just love rhubarb!

  2. rich sims says:

    Hello, i a’m somewhat new to your blog, i was fisrt introduced, by my classmate emilie. She and jason had a challenge i can’t remember what is was, i was just there for support! So ,i’m on your e mail list, every time i recieve an update, i try to respond. What you did for your godson is so inspiring, to help a child come into this word is one thing, to help a family become a family is truely Gods work!!! I wish you and family the best wishes ever!! I would love to challenge a michelin stared chef to somewhat what Emilie did.

    • Rich
      Thank you for all your great comments, we are having a great time with the blog and we hope to keep evolving as we go. Yes my sister did an amazing thing and helped out some very dear friends she is a very special person.
      It would be great to have you as a challenger. What we do is you come up with the ingredient and challenge us, and then we all come up with our dishes with the said ingredient and post our recipes/pictures & comments on what and how we did.
      Thank you again and we look forward to your challenge.

      • rich sims says:

        Good morning Jason, if you haven’t guessed already, i’m in cullinary school. While in school, i met some really nice people who told me about your web site. I took an early retirement to pursue my love of food, my primary job is being a stay at home dad to my eight year old daughter! The next few weeks we will be filled with the horror’s of final’s. After next week i will take you up on a challenge, my zucchini and radishes are begining to show, so think salad. Thank you!


      • Rich
        I have been working on my salad recipes. Hope the garden is growing.

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