Spot Prawns & Lamb

I’ve known my husband for more than two decades and this week we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. Skipping actual gifts and a big night out, we decided to cook at home and drink one of the bottles of Champagne we brought back from Reims. I asked Jason to come up with a menu fit for 18 years of marriage, with a request to include my husband’s favourite – lamb. Jason came up with two courses with direct references to Spring; Asparagus Soup with Spot Prawns followed by Crusted Lamb, Fingerling Potatoes and Fava Beans. I couldn’t find fava beans, so I substituted green beans and Jason’s original lamb recipe called for lamb loin (to be sliced) and all my butcher had was lamb loin chops (I took home six). Dessert was a four layer Devil’s Food Cake with buttercream icing.

We tied this in with a trip to the Spot Prawn Festival this weekend, letting the kids buy several pounds of fresh prawns from the boats docked at Fisherman’s Wharf. Spot Prawns are incredibly delicious (known for their sweet, delicate flavour and texture), with the availability of fresh product lasting only about 8 weeks. Eat your fill while you can! Back home, the Asparagus Soup was simple to make with superb results. I did hit a few stumbling blocks while I was cooking this meal, and it sure was handy to have a Michelin Star Chef on speed dial to help me through! Look who’s cooking at the festival – Tojo and Terry David Mulligan!

**Find the recipes on our RECIPES page. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Spot Prawns & Lamb

  1. Debbie Eddy says:

    Mmmmm. Lamb and spot prawns in the same meal….you will be married forever!

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