A Beauty and Her Feast

I’m going out on a limb here to state the bold…I’m a chefs dream. I live, EAT, and breathe whatever these culinary masters dish out. I thrive on discovering their inner kitchen secrets. Some might consider me a food groupie but really, I’m Kiki Luthringshausen, a food writer. I attempt to showcase a chef as an artist creating with a dimension of flavors and textures. Everything about what they do gets me fired up.

Over a year ago, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for my dream job full time as a food writer in Chicago. Luckily, I had the right connections and two feet in the kitchen door. I started my food blog, Beauty and Her Feast (www.beautyandherfeast.com) which features recipes, chef profiles, restaurant reviews and now, a series of cooking videos with the chefs I have met through the job. I learn to cook their signature dishes in their professional kitchens while filming the process. I am also the “eats” writer known as Cheeky Kiki for Cheeky Chicago, an online magazine devoted to everything Cheeky in and around town (www.cheekychicago.com). Both are a good gig and perfect fit.

Last year when I was just getting my start, I received a press release that intrigued me. Chef Jason McLeod was hosting a dinner with famed Chicago artist, Francine Turk. A fan of her work as well as his, I interviewed both to feature a story. As a thank you, Francine invited me to attend the pricey prix fixe dinner as one of her guests. Lucky me, I met Chef Jason personally and hoped to work with him for a video on Beauty and Her Feast. He was kind enough to agree…but then left me. Imagine my disappointment to hear that Jason had moved west to forge a new career path. Bummed. Completely bummed that I didn’t get a chance to corner him in the kitchen for a little one on one cooking time.

When he and Karlin first posted their blog, I was over the moon excited to follow and eager to see who their first guest blogger would be. How would they tackle the first challenge? Then, ding-dong, a light went on. I wanted to challenge A Michelin and A Mom. A food writer from a big city…it makes sense. I decided the foundation needed to be Italian since that is what I grew up cooking. I want to inspire them to create a savory combination of texture and flavor. I was able to send Jason and Karlin Acquerello Risotto, the finest Carnaroli rice from Piedmont, Italy. The rice is grown, harvested and packed on the Rondolini Family Estate. It’s aged for 1 year under close temperature and humidity supervision which allows for the perfect cooked risotto. It’s “gold” in the risotto world and perfect for my challenge. Now, it’s up to A Michelin and A Mom to balance the essence of spring for the perfect Risotto!

A special thanks to Viola Imports for providing the Acquerello Risotto to A Michelin and A Mom. http://www.violaimports.com

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One thought on “A Beauty and Her Feast

  1. rich sims says:

    Like KiKi, i too threw caution to the wind and entered the food world. I took an early retirement and enrolled in cullinary school, you honestly can’t buy the high i’m on when i walk out of class! Cooking is not a calling, it’s an emotion, you either love it or you don’t. The most gratifying feeling is to make a meal and have someone smile as there devouring that meal!! I love your blog, keep doing what your doing!

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