Pasta, Cheese & Royalty

Who knew making your own pasta noodles would be so easy? Easy enough for my 10 year old to do by himself. We used Jason’s “Egg Yolk Pasta” recipe and created our own version of the “Mushroom Sauce” Jason and Emilie made last week. Jason suggested I buy the Kitchen Aid attachment for pasta rolling, so we set out to find one. I had sticker shock at the $199.00 and wasn’t willing to make the investment just in case we were terrible pasta makers! I opted for the $29.99 one that attaches to your counter (I have a wooden butcher block style island and it fit perfectly). Our dough looked just like Uncle Jason’s (we had the ipad open to A Michelin and A Mom) and we rolled it out, using the fettucini cutter to make long, gorgeous ribbons of pasta. I left my son to it and he rolled and cut a mound of noodles. For the sauce, I cut the wine and stock down slightly and used shitake mushrooms as there were no morels at my local shops. My kids loved it and both cleaned their plates!

Did you read the post by our guest blogger, Lisa Futterman? I’ve already started calling the local and not-so-local cheese shops trying to track down a triple cream, washed rind cheese; and was warned that this was indeed a “stinky” cheese. I have a recipe in mind, but I’ll for sure have to cheat and ask Chef for a little help.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Royal Wedding – we are making cupcakes (fairy cakes) tonight and have dusted off our royal mugs. Are you marking the event by cooking or baking something special? Let us know with a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Pasta, Cheese & Royalty

  1. Emilie says:

    Way to go, Karlin (and son)! Hats off to you for making your own pasta. It looks great!

  2. Sue French says:

    Kar – next time I need some fresh pasta, I know where I will go. Looks fantastic.

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