My First Challenger

It was always my plan to accept reader challenges via our blog, but I didn’t expect to do so in the first week! On my photo of the epic meatloaf and egg sandwich covered in morel sauce, Emilie Zanger commented “that’s serious”, and said she’d love to have that sauce over pasta. I readily agreed to post such a recipe on our blog, but also challenged her to come up with her own recipe that we could share as well. Following a bit of bantering back and forth and trying to throw one another off their game, Emilie and I have come up with two versions of pasta with morel mushrooms. I knew Emilie would be formidable competition as she lives in one of the best food cities in the world and she knows some of the world’s best chefs; she definitely had a few tricks up her sleeve. Kudos to Emilie – her pasta dish looks awesome (second photo).

You can check out both of our recipes on our “Recipes” page and my sister will be trying out both on her family. I hope this challenge inspires you to get involved with A Michelin and A Mom – what do you want to see us cook?


5 thoughts on “My First Challenger

  1. Jessica Herman says:

    As the lucky lady who had the divine pleasure of enjoying Em’s pasta, I can assure you this was one of the best homemade pasta meals I’ve had in years. It was rich but not too rich, nicely textured and perfectly satisfying with an egg on top. Five stars!!!

  2. rich sims says:

    Emilie told me about her recipe challenge in class last night, both of the dishes look amazing! I can”t wait to make her pasta dish for my family this weekend, you should see her roll out a croissant, it ‘s a thing of beauty!!!

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