You’ve always got time for Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a treat everyone loves, especially with a glass of milk. Or a glass of wine, if you’re like us and get a sugar craving way too late at night; and there’s usually enough ingredients in the cupboard to whip up some cookies. I have used a dozen different recipes and this combination of different recipes seems to give me the best results. Chewy in the middle and crispy around the edges. I use parchment paper when baking cookies and you should too if you want the best results. A convection oven helps too if you’re prone to forgetting that you’ve put cookies in the oven like I do; they won’t burn. Of course the raw dough tastes strangely good and I usually catch my kids with their spoons in the bowl of dough. If you’re already at the stage of repeating what your mother said to you….then you’ll know this one: “don’t eat too much cookie dough or you’ll get worms!”

Listen, I’ll caveat this recipe with the fact that the cookies turn out a little different every time. I “eyeball” most of the ingredients, so sometimes there’s more butter and not enough flour (flatter cookies) or vise versa. Sometimes I use white chocolate, raisins or omit the nuts. Let’s face it, sugar, butter and vanilla – those ingredients always taste good no matter how you put them together! Let’s see what my brother does with these cookies! I hope he adds a bunch of extras – I love those cookies with a little bit of everything in them.

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2 thoughts on “You’ve always got time for Cookies

  1. julie francoeur(pearson) says:

    I will try your recipe to see how it stacks up against the one I use

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