Meatloaf: The Day After

What does Chef do with leftover meatloaf?
Makes himself a kick-ass fried egg & meatloaf sandwich,
covered in morel mushroom sauce.
That’s what he does.

Dang, Chef wins for sure. I’ve made a simple sandwich,
on organic whole wheat bread from the local bakery.
But I’m taking mine on the road – long drive up to the cabin today!


4 thoughts on “Meatloaf: The Day After

  1. Viviana Radenbaugh says:

    Chef wins! I am making that thing this weekend! Yummy! Where is the recipe?

  2. Jan Burright says:

    WOW…nice blog and the meatloaf looks wonderful..will be watching for more šŸ™‚

  3. Tim Burton says:

    Great recipe! Plans for the weekend: I’m heading for Chicago to deliver 250 lbs. of Wild Ramps, while my wife Angie forages for Morels on our farm all day Saturday. Come Monday night dinner….It’s McLeods “Kick-Ass” Meatloaf!!!! Thanks Jason & Karlin

    Posted your Blog so my FB friends can check it out.

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