Dad’s Meatloaf

Jay     Our Dad is known for his meatloaf and when he asks visitors what they want for dinner, the answer is always “your meatloaf”.  In honor of Dad’s famous meatloaf, we decided this should be our first recipe for our blog. My sister is using his original recipe and I created a version of my own based on the basic original ingredients. Mushrooms were the ingredient in Dad’s recipe that I really wanted to mimic in my own version. I chose morels, but you can use any mushrooms for this sauce. Also, if you do not want cream, skip it and just use the chicken stock.

When creating recipes, my goal is to really let certain ingredients come through and in this case, I really wanted the meat to come through. As you will see, there are very few ingredients, allowing the meatiness to really present itself. Topped with the morel mushroom sauce, this meaty, rustic dish is what I would call delicious. I paired the meatloaf with fresh peas, asparagus and chive-crushed fingerling potatoes drizzled with olive oil. A perfect spring meal!

Kar     It’s true, we all love our Dad’s meatloaf. My kids request it regularly, especially my daughter who calls it “Papa’s Meatloaf” and can eat several slices. We actually associate my Dad’s meatloaf with parade day at the end of May. In our hometown, there’s an annual Spring parade and if we’re in town, our attendance is mandatory. Dad cooks up the meatloaf the night before and then gets up around 4 am to make the meatloaf sandwiches with fresh bread and mustard. The old-timers get down to the parade route early, 5 or 6 in the morning, to get our spot set up (this parade is serious business). Gaggles of kids, aunts and uncles show up at a more seemly time of day to secure their patch of pavement. Not long after we’ve finished our coffees, we start digging in the cooler for the meatloaf sandwiches.

I have followed the original recipe, and served it exactly how we get it at our Dad’s – with mashed potatoes and cream corn. A real comfort meal. This is a perfect meal for my eldest as she just had her bottom braces and a retainer put in earlier this week (soft foods for at least a week). Let us know which recipe you choose!


2 thoughts on “Dad’s Meatloaf

  1. julie francoeur(pearson) says:

    Love the vintage photo

  2. Matty says:

    Will have to try that meat loaf.looks good hard to find ground veal around here. Espicially with the morel cream sc wow

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