We’re bringing Michelin Star cooking home!

Welcome to the brand new website of Chef Jason McLeod, celebrated two star Michelin chef and his sister, Karlin, a mom just trying to cook a decent meal every night. We can hear the collective groans, “not another cooking website”. This will, however, be something different, we promise. We’ve googled it, so it must be true; we couldn’t find another sibling team cooking, writing and sharing from two different cities. I was inspired one night to start this blog space for my brother after his executive wife attempted a foray into baking. You’d think she might try the recipe for chocolate chip cookies on the back of the Chipits bag. Nope. She went for Macaroons, those pretty pastel dreams you find in Paris or Zurich; she had to go out and buy a scale and Silpat sheets.

Food presents us with a tall order these days. Local, organic, posh, simple, comfort, low fat, low carb, vegan and gluten free to name a few. Men are expected to cook, children know how to order mains and sides. The number of books, television shows and websites dedicated to food and cooking is overwhelming. Here, Jason will share his best ideas for cooking great meals at home. I’ll try the recipes on my real life family, at times turning the tables on Jason. Can he take my everyday meals and turn them into something special that my kids will still want to eat? Can I create a restaurant worthy dish on a Wednesday night? What do I really need in my kitchen to impress myself, my family and my friends? We’ll pepper the recipes and kitchen advice with stories of what it took to earn two Michelin Stars and what it’s like to cook for celebrities in five star hotels around the world.


10 thoughts on “We’re bringing Michelin Star cooking home!

  1. Mac says:

    You’ve made me hungry! Can I have some more? ;0)

  2. Rob jewell says:

    I’m in!! So cool! I wake up at 4:45am, I’m home around anywhere from 6pm-9pm. Need some healthy quick meal ideas guys!! I’m sure you’ll find a few of us in this category.

  3. Wendy Riedel says:

    Love it! I can’t wait to follow along!

  4. Renee says:

    I’m waiting………………hahahahahaha, any ideas will be a great help!!!

  5. Viviana Radenbaugh says:

    Love this! Great idea! Can’t wait! Love the story about Jana! I didn’t know she went for macaroons! This sounds useful and fun! Love it!

  6. Uncle B says:

    I will volunteer to be the official taster, when the need arises. No need to pay me other than in good food, good wine, and a good laugh.

  7. Kathy says:

    Everyone has asked Jason if his mom was an inspiration in his desire to become a chef. NOPE!!! I am here to get some good tips and maybe learn to cook a fews things and his Dad says thank you!!

  8. Chelsea Martens says:

    Ummm… you ALREADY have so many commentors on ONE blog post! This is going to be huge. Between this blog, your Oscar-nominated actress daughter, and Olympic skier son; Charles is going to feel pretty left out.

    Poor Charles (well, you’ll be a kazillionaire… so I don’t feel too sorry)

  9. Sue French says:

    With cheese on board, can you kids suggest some pairings, wine and cheese to start.
    Thanks, Mom Sue

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