Hello Friends

White House Garden Sporting Common Threads Chefs Jacket

My sister and I have created a blog together to talk about what we truly enjoy, cooking, photography and eating.  Our goal is to share with you that there are 2 sides to every story (well actually in cooking there are endless sides but we will stick to 2) and in this case you will see a mom’s story and a professional chefs story covering many different topics.

What makes this unique is we both see these subjects from a different eye. We never grew up with food as a passion, but more of necessity as in eat to live not live to eat. But over the years times have changed and food  has become very important to us but for different reasons, for my sister she has 2 children and a husband who she enjoys cooking for very much and finding ways to cook great tasting healthy meals is her challenge. For me, the past 23 years my life has been centered around one passion, FOOD, and everything I do truly has some connection with food and wine. Just ask my wife, we even plan our vacations around the restaurants I most want to visit, and we have had some amazing vacations 🙂

Not only have I had the opportunity to work, travel and eat around the world but cooking has given me the opportunity to give back as well. As a chef you are asked by numerous groups to participate in many events for many different organizations and it is hard to say that you could even have a favorite because they are all for the right reason, helping others. But for me there is definitely one that is very dear to my heart and that is Common Threads (www.commonthreads.org) a charity that works with children, helping understand how to shop, cook and eat better.  This organization gives kids lessons they will never forget and can use for the rest of their lives. Not only does Common Threads bring children together but also the community of chefs that ban together to create ever lasting memories for these children, which is truly something special to be a part of. My next challenge with Common Threads is to bust into the Los Angeles market and create the same sense of family that we had in Chicago.

As our blog continues to evolve we hope you have as much fun following as we do creating it!

Stay tuned for “Meat Loaf” madness……..


One thought on “Hello Friends

  1. Sue French says:

    Love Al’s meatloaf recipe. His Mom Alice made great meatballs! Jason, is there a substitute for morels?

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